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Dragon Warrior VII PSX
« il: 06 Dic 2011 19:08:27 »

Sviluppo: Enix
Titolo: Dragon Warrior VII
Piattaforma: PSX
Data Di Pubblicazione: 26 Agosto 2000
Genere: RPG
Supporto: 2CD
Lingua: Inglese
Upper: Vicent Valentine 93

Dragon Warrior VII, known in Japan as Dragon Quest VII Eden no Senshitachi Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden") is a Japanese console role-playing game developed by Heartbeat[2] and ArtePiazza,[3] and published by Enix for the PlayStation in 2000. It was released in North America in 2001 under the title Dragon Warrior VII.
Dragon Warrior VII is the seventh installment of the popular Dragon Quest series of role playing games, and is the successor to 1995's Dragon Quest VI for the Super Famicom. An immediate success upon release, Dragon Warrior VII's sales have totalled 4.06 million, making it the best-selling PlayStation game in Japan by April 6, 2001,[4] and is an Ultimate Hits title. It was the first main series Dragon Quest title to be released outside of Japan since the release of Dragon Quest IV in North America in 1992, and the last Dragon Quest title to be released in North America with the Dragon Warrior name. The game was produced by Yuji Horii,[2] who has presided over the Dragon Quest series since its inception. Artwork and character designs were once again provided by Akira Toriyama,[2] the artist responsible for all previous Dragon Quest games and famous manga artist.
The game follows the Hero and his friends as they discover secrets about the mysterious islands surrounding their home of Estard. Through some ancient ruins, they are transported to the pasts of various islands and must defeat evil in each new location. Game mechanics are largely unchanged from previous games in the series, although an extensive Class system allows players to customize their characters..
Dragon Warrior VII is best known for its huge size. Without completing the game's side quests, a single game of Dragon Quest VII can take a hundred hours or more.[2] In terms of gameplay, not much has changed from previous installments; battles are still fought in a turn-based mode from a first person perspective. Although non-battle sequences are rendered in 3D, battles themselves are still portrayed two dimensionally. The ability to talk with the party characters in and outside of battles was added to this game.[5] They offer advice about battle strategies and plot points, or simply comment on how they feel at a given moment. There are four ways and means of locomotion: feet, boat, magic carpet, and skystone. Each of these can move across different terrain.
The main flow of the game is different than the other Dragon Quest games; instead of exploring one large world, the party goes to separate continents by placing stone shards into their appropriate pedestals in Estard Fane. Once all of the missing shards are located and placed for a particular pedestal, the party is transported to the trapped location in the past. After solving whatever problems plague the location, the party then travels back to Estard, the beginning island. From there, they can travel via boat, carpet, or skystone to the modern version of the location they just saved. These saved lands appear on the main map, although the originals (from the past) can be revisited through the ruins.

Characters exploring the world
Like most of the other Dragon Quest games, this game has several mini-games to participate in. The Immigrant Town, similar to the one in Dragon Warrior IV, lets the player recruit people from various towns.[6] They then live in the town, which changes depending on the type of people living there (e.g. several merchants will bring more stores to the town). A prominent feature in most Dragon Quest games is the casino. Poker, slot machines, and luck panel can all be played in Dragon Warrior VII. The Ranking Association allows the player to compete for the highest stats, like the Beauty Competition from Dragon Quest VI. The player can also catch monsters, although they are only displayed in the Monster Park, unlike in Dragon Quest V, where monsters fought in the party.[6] Blueprints are found to add new environments to the park...


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Re: Dragon Warrior VII PSX
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Re:Dragon Warrior VII PSX
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Nuovo link: [link rimosso]PSX/DWarrioriVII_PSX.rar